Therapist Profile


Hello, I am Aqua.


Aqua is my nickname and I love the ocean, blue sky and also rain, my star sign is Aquarius so I feel that I am “aqua”.


I like traveling around the world. My policy is to live with touching feelings from the beauty of the world.


I was born in a seaside city in the Tohoku region which is in the northern part of Japan’s main island. I used to wake by the sound of swan’s voices in the morning as they flew over.


I used to work as a social worker at a general hospital, social service organization and family support centre. Through my work, I’ve been to Sweden, learning about its social welfare system and how it works for actual people’s life. Also I’ve lived in the UK as a volunteer worker supporting a lady who used a wheel chair, her family and children for 1 year. In addition, I attended a NGO activity for building peaceful relationship between Korea and Japan and also among East Asian countries.


I enjoyed to meet many people and building friendships as well as learning about HUMAN-being including pain or loneliness, not only joy or positiveness. Every time when I looked up at the sky and stars, especially Orion, I thought of our connection within world, the Earth and the universe.


I moved to Brisbane in Australia when I married my Australian husband in July, 2010.


My hobbies are traveling, scuba diving and playing cello at the moment. I used to play contra-bass and love jazz especially the low sounds of the strings.





My Reiki Journey


The person who first introduced me to Reiki was my French friend. He used Reiki daily for his relaxation in the morning. “Don’t you know about Reiki even though it’s origin is Japan? “, he was surprised because I didn’t know about Reiki at all, this was in 2003.


In 2009, I actually learned Reiki originally for healing my father when he was in bad condition becuse of cancer and I wanted to do something for him even from Australia over distance. Reiki energy can be sent to anywhere in the world. I also thought Reiki was an attractive technique to learn because it enables us work with our physical, mental and spiritual growth.  


When I gave Reiki energy to my father, focussing on the part he had physical pain and each chakra, he said he felt warmth, was relaxed and he could sleep very well with gentle smile. Reiki treatment seemed to work for reducing his irritation that came from physical pain or worries and made him calm. Afterwards, my father passed away, I believe it was his soul’s choice to go to the next stage.


I am grateful to know about Reiki and thankful to my friend and my father.
Now, I am teaching Reiki to people for their daily stress management and energizing themselves, connecting with people across the world through Reiki, contributing to society and a peaceful world.


Reiki is a casual and useful technique for relaxation and energizing yourself and others.


Reiki helps you to enjoy being yourself and having comfortable relationship among others, in other words, you can be naturally independent in many levels of life.  I believe that if everyone can be independent comfortably and being happy to be himself/herself, the world would be peaceful.


The basic attitude as a social worker is to support people by their side to help them to be independent and feeling comfortable about being themselves. I keep that attitude for teaching Reiki as well and would like to serve for each client and for the world.


I Hope you enjoy Reiki.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with ease. 

 japan09 1031

with gratitude,