【 Reiki and Chi experience Workshop 】

It was appropriate content for people who don’t know about Reiki yet or people who have just started to learn Reiki. It was fun! The weather was sunny but not too hot and great to do some work. I appreciate that you lent me some books about Reiki. The more I know about Reiki, the more interest I have. I felt 1.5 – 2 hours passed so quickly and I wished I could talk about Reiki deeper with more time!

– Mrs. R.N.


Thank you for a wonderful time. I guess it was because of Reiki, I could sleep very well that night. I awoke comfortably and kept going about my tasks energetically all next day 🙂 Thank you for talking about Reiki as well as your private episodes. I usually don’t have opportunities to talk about Chi so much so I felt I would like to talk and listen about those topics more 🙂
It was a comfortable and warm time because of Aqua’s natural and neutral sense and gentle character. yesterday, although I walked around Fortitude valley (after attending the workshop) and it possibly was good exercise for me, I could sleep very well at night. Then I woke up very comfortably the next morning even though usually I am like a zombie because of low blood pressure in the morning. I appreciate the meeting with you through my friend. Let’s keep in touch!

– Mrs. M.K.

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【 Reiki Treatment 】

◎Face to face Treatment

I was so relaxed and just fell asleep within a few minutes after she started the treatment. 30 minutes later when I was awoken by her, I was so comfortable like I’d had a full night of deep sleep and I just said… “Good!”

– Mr.H.M.

I saw some gentle color images and fell asleep when I received her calm Reiki treatment. I was just relaxed. I am an experienced hypnotherapist and received several kinds of healing treatment by many people in the past. Based on those experiences, I believe Aqua has great ability to heal people through Reiki.

– Mr. D.Y.

Oct 2012 10


◎Distance Reiki Treatment

[First Reiki distance treatment]

I had mixed emotions, both expectation and wondering whether I will be able to actually feel the Reiki energy or not. After a while I started to receive Reiki, I felt my body start to become warm. At the night, I slept so deeply and didn’t wake at all until morning, even though I usually wake a few times till morning. Honestly, although I didn’t expect the result so much because of the distance, it was effective more than I thought and I was surprised.

[After 1week Distance Treatment]

Thank you for the 1 week distance treatment. My condition varied depending on the day, I could sleep very well some days but couldn’t sleep at all other days. Although I lay down and tried to relax and not think about things too much as much as possible when I receive Reiki, I still thought about some things. Would it be difficult to receive Reiki energy in that case? Anyway, I feel I’m relieved from my worry about the thing I was working on, even though there is still more work to do. I’d like to receive face to face Reiki treatment once next time, even though right now, I am busy for looking after children.

– Mrs. U.Y.




【 Reiki Attunement 】

◎1st&2nd degree attunement

The reason I started Reiki is that I wanted to reduce my husband’s pain from his cancers and to relax him.  But I realized that I was the one who needed to experience and to be healed by Reiki due to the constant fatigue from taking care of him for a such a long time.  If I do Reiki myself, I feel very relaxed and sometimes I fall asleep, but the next morning I feel so refreshed both physically and mentally.  This means that the mind and body get energized as all the chakras become well-balanced by Reiki. When feeling restless, nervous or worrying about something, Reiki can also be a great tool to make yourself relaxed and healed.  Of course, you can do Reiki to other people directly and also even to people who live in a different country.  When doing Reiki to someone, you also do Reiki to yourself. So, you help someone by Reiki, but at the same time you heal yourself.  This is the beauty of Reiki!!  Additionally, Reiki can be used for a variety of daily life situations.  Therefore, once you start doing Reiki, you can posses Reiki until the end of your life. So, what are you waiting for?  If you are interested in Reiki, why don’t you just start?  I am sure that your life would become even more fantastic with Reiki!!

– Mrs A.S.


◎1st, 2nd & 3rd degree attunement

I had learned many kinds of “Chi” work and spiritual work but not Reiki yet. When I met Aqua, she was managing a “Reiki and Chi experience workshop” and I thought it would be great to learn Reiki which I have been interested in for a long time. I enjoyed to learn about Reiki and using Reiki. Knowledge and technique of Reiki is useful in daily life as well as other Chi work, for example Tai Chi, and Reiki helps to understand about our spiritual growth as well.

– Mr. T.U.




【 Reading Session 】

◎Face to Face Reading session

I was so surprised when Noriko saw clear images of some places in Japan (we were at Aqua-Reiki & Reading salon) and contacted with my deceased mother’s spirit. I could talk to and ask my mother’s spirit about some tasks I need to tackle with and it helped my decision relate to my mother. Now I feel so relieved. Thank you very much indeed.

– Mrs. M. J.


Wow, thank you so much!
My deceased loved one’s spirit accepted my favor to help me and my family member have better relationship. Surprisingly, I received a phone call from the family member and he said what I never heard      (but I expected for ages)…it happened just next day and it was amazing change for me.  My partner who hasn’t had much interest about spiritual reading wants to experience Noriko’s Reading for himself now.

– Mrs. K. H.

I sometimes feel alone and hard to manage everything for my work as an entrepreneur and Spirit Guides advice reduce my stress through Noriko’s Reading.  Their message, it did makes sense for me, is detailed and matched with current situation so that was good.
I’d like to meet you sometimes again when I’ll stand turning points and make sure direction to grow my business.

-Mr. F.S.


◎Distance Reading session (via Skype)

I found what I really want to do as my life work by talking with my Spirit Guides through Noriko’s Reading. It is great to feel so much support and love from those spirits. It encourages me to be just myself and I really appreciate that.

-Mrs. U.E.


It was interesting to see how Reading works and I really enjoyed to talk with you through Skype and it was fine.  I like Spirit Guide’s unique advice. Also I am so glad to see/feel the lady’s spirit who looked after me well when I was child and I couldn’t stop crying. The words and way of acting was exactly same as her and I did feel I was actually talking with her through Noriko. That was beyond my expectation. Thank you very much.

-Mrs. S. T.